Shopping Lists — An efficient way of discovering and curating small businesses on Instagram Shop

Select screens off the prototype for Shopping Lists


My Buyer Persona

The Modern Buyer Journey

Considering the digital ecosystem

The Customer Journey Map

Customer Journey Map for shopping online

Ecommerce big boys: Lazada, Shopee, Taobao

Secondhand marketplace: Carousell, Facebook Marketplace

Lifestyle brands: Instagram x Shopify

Inspiration from other apps



Scoping Down

Instagram as the chosen platform for the case study

Focus on solving for the customer discovery stage


How might we make the process of discovering and buying from small businesses more seamless?

Scope, Timeline

Key takeaways from the research



Priority for buyers and sellers respectively

My takeaways:

User Story Map — Shopping List on Instagram Shop

Designing the Solution — The Prototype

Shopping List — a proposed Instagram Shop feature

User Testing

Closing the loop — Did I answer sprint questions?

Key takeaways



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