Shopping Lists — An efficient way of discovering and curating small businesses on Instagram Shop

Select screens off the prototype for Shopping Lists


My Buyer Persona

The Modern Buyer Journey

Considering the digital ecosystem

The Customer Journey Map

Customer Journey Map for shopping online

Ecommerce big boys: Lazada, Shopee, Taobao

Secondhand marketplace: Carousell, Facebook Marketplace

Lifestyle brands: Instagram x Shopify

Inspiration from other apps



Scoping Down

Instagram as the chosen platform for the case study

Focus on solving for the customer discovery stage


How might we make the process of discovering and buying from small businesses more seamless?

Scope, Timeline

Key takeaways from the research


  • Motivations for supporting small businesses
  • Things they value when they shop online
  • Frustrations when they shop online


  • Pain points when managing a small online business
  • Motivations for starting a brand
  • Thought process around brand building and customer engagement
Priority for buyers and sellers respectively

My takeaways:

  • The age of the intentional shopper — The modern shopper is sophisticated, well-researched, and intentional. If only there was a way to quickly connect brands to buyers who have aligning values and styles.
  • Inspiration and discovery are a big part of the eCommerce journey — So much time is spent on researching, it would be a priority to make the discovery journey more delightful and less painful. Would be cool if search options could directly be influenced by the buyer’s taste and style.
  • Seamless digital payment + inventory is important for small business owners — an issue for smaller and emerging sellers who do not already have a Shopify account set up I suppose. Interim solutions include using Cococart, a Typeform-like website builder that can be set up easily, albeit with very little freedom to play around with shop branding.
User Story Map — Shopping List on Instagram Shop

Designing the Solution — The Prototype

  • Purpose-driven onboarding (eg. apartment decorating)
  • Integration with Pinterest
  • Comprehensive filters for shopping list (brand values, delivery options, price, etc)
  • AI-driven recommendation system based on user’s preferred style
Shopping List — a proposed Instagram Shop feature

User Testing

  • Cross-platform integration (Pinterest x Instagram) might be a challenge for the backend engineering
  • How would the current Bookmarks interact with Shopping Lists? Will Shopping Lists complement Bookmarks? How will all the new user data influence the Instagram Shop homepage feed?
  • Will these shopping lists be public or private?
  • How will sellers benefit from all these user-generated shopping lists?

Closing the loop — Did I answer sprint questions?

Key takeaways

  • Lots of areas for improvement — Since this is my official product design case study as part of my portfolio building, I definitely felt a strong sense of imposter syndrome at various stages. One area I will surely need brushing up is establishing the discipline to create and reuse components for screens.
  • User interviews will light the way — I started the project slightly baffled and overwhelmed. I knew I had many personal pain points but struggled to translate them into a visual, tangible product solution. Talking to users really helped to provide some structure to my thoughts, and guide me in scoping down to the actual user journey to design for.




Visual-turned-UX Designer. Always a work in progress

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Visual-turned-UX Designer. Always a work in progress

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