Helping New Users Visualise Creative Use Cases For a Versatile Lead Qualification Tool

The Brief

An integration diagram we use to illustrate how Saleswhale works
User journey of an unintentional prospect
User journey of a warmer lead


The Goal

Role, Team, Scope


Key takeaways from the research

  • Customer Gong Calls — Takes a while for prospects to comprehend how Saleswhale AI works. “This looks quite complex”; “How does the AI know what is qualified?” Customers also struggle to connect their pain points to our solution sometimes, which also means they struggle to come up with use cases after onboarding.
  • Market Research — A quick look at how some of the high-adoption self-serve products manage to illustrate how they work. We looked at Typeform, Miro, and Canva. They all have a robust repository of ready-for-use, tried, and tested templates. The hypothesis is that templates can empower the user to jumpstart the use of our product with minimal guidance.

The Solution

Screenshot from the first prototype

Internal Testing

We used Notion to track questions and notes
  • Was a Search function necessary if we only had 7 templates/playbooks to start with?
  • What is the unified term we should use for templates — playbooks or use cases?
  • How can we make the templates more robust and surface more educational material for new users?
  • How can we come up with a proper filtering system for the library? How should we categorize the playbooks?

Closing the Loop

Final Results

Results from our Hubspot dashboard

Relating it back to our sprint questions

Key Takeaways

  • Focus on the MVP — The initial prototype included some features like the Search Bar and Sliding option for the cards. Upon scoping with our frontend developer, we quickly realised that these functions would take up much more development time than intended and may not move the needle as much for such a preliminary stage for our library (less than 10 playbooks at that point in time). We decided as a team to move those functions to backlog and focus on pushing the MVP in the 2 week time frame instead.
  • Be resourceful in recycling relevant research and content — The product team had already set out the direction for the playbook onboarding in-app and had some content structure laid out when the web team was planning to feature these use cases on our marketing site. We managed to save quite a bit of time by basing off our designs on some of these sketches and notes provided by the product team.




Visual-turned-UX Designer. Always a work in progress

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Visual-turned-UX Designer. Always a work in progress

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