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  • Asli Kimya

    Asli Kimya

    Designer, developer, yogi. Stanford computer science + architecture. Lover of art, tea, and jigsaw puzzles.

  • Jenny Arimoto

    Jenny Arimoto

    NYC-based comedy writer who is probably thinking about soup right now.

  • Pablo Stanley

    Pablo Stanley

    CEO and cofounder at Blush, bringing illustrations for everyone.

  • Caio Braga

    Caio Braga

    designer @, editor @ UX Collective

  • Kristin Sinko-Smith

    Kristin Sinko-Smith

    Hey! My name is Kristin. Converted marketer. UX Researcher at HelloFresh. Sharing my journey and learnings along the way.

  • Hannah Mussi

    Hannah Mussi

    UI Designer @ Yext. Aspiring artiste and devastatingly underprepared

  • Chen Zhi Liang

    Chen Zhi Liang

    Product Designer@Seedly. Typography Geek@Typelingual Visit:

  • Rachel Leung

    Rachel Leung

    Product designer @ReferralCandy. Determined to emerge from this pandemic as a funky bassist. Connect with me

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