Designing a purpose-driven onboarding journey where shoppers can easily find items they like through comprehensive filters

Select screens off the prototype for Shopping Lists


This humble little project started from a sense of frustration with the tedious process of shopping for independent brands.

When I moved into a new apartment a few months ago and started planning the interior decorations, I realized how exhausting the curation process was. I would spend a lot of time scouring through multiple platforms like Taobao, Shopee, Lazada, Carousell, Instagram, Etsy, and Hipvan (phew!) just to find the right pieces for the apartment.

Through the process of curating items for our home, I…

Creating a use case library where new customers can easily duplicate tried and tested templates and hit the ground running with Saleswhale.

Saleswhale is a lead qualification tool that fits seamlessly into any modern marketing tech stack. It works in the background with AI assistants who follow up with a high volume of leads at scale, actively identifying hand-raisers for your sales team. This means your sales team gets to spend more time on meaningful opportunities.

The Brief

Saleswhale is still a rather niche product in the market and most marketing managers still struggle to grasp how AI assistants can help them…


Senior Creative Designer @saleswhale. Always a work in progress

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